One to one training

K9 Dynamic seeks to teach dog owners how to be successful with their own dogs.

This involves a personally tailored plan using the K9 Dynamic training program. It requires the dog owner to learn some basic dog behaviour theory and put it into action on a weekly basis* as shown in one to one training lessons.

I believe this is the best option for the ongoing bond between owner and dog as it gives the owner an overall view so that in most cases situations can be worked through as they arise in the future. 

*training schedules can vary


Problem solving

K9 Dynamic can help you work through behavioural problems with your dog by systematic training methods with clearly defined goals so that success can be measured.

These can include: crate training - fussy eating - pulling on the lead etc.

I spoke with Mark at K9 Dynamic before we bought our puppy and he spent time with us explaining his ethos. When we got Lana we began doing what he had shown us. He was always on hand to help and gave lots of tips and encouragement. He showed us how we could train our dog.
— Kamila Kuwik