K9 Dynamic dog training came about because of one of our dogs -  Henry. Henry is a loveable but crazy chocolate labrador. To give you an idea of his energy and stubborness, when he attended the vet for an operation he had to be given three times the quantity of pre-med before he would calm down! The vet phoned after hours in shock to tell me I had trouble on my hands...

We got Henry as a 12 week old puppy who had been sent back to the breeder. His favourite activity was basically to do anything he wasn't supposed to, such as steal socks and run down the garden with them or wiggle along on his tummy under a chair as a sly way of leaving the room to chase a cat or try and eat their food. When it came to meeting other dogs he was simply uncontrollable and would run the length of the field to bound up to a dog in the distance. He wasn't interested in food or toys and his attention span was next to nothing.


I realised action had to be taken when I started being shouted at by other dog owners as Henry bounced on their dogs. It was so embarrassing as I had never owned a dog like this before and all my tried and tested efforts drew a blank. I have spent the last three years learning about dog training from many Uk and international trainers. Training that includes the theoretical approach to the way dogs learn and harnessing their natural drive and instincts to aid the training process

Henry is now coming on nicely. Occasionally a mad streak is still visible but I would rather a dog keeps his character than becomes an automaton. 

I have always loved dogs and as I have learned more I have found it a natural progression to help friends and fellow dog walkers with issues that they are having. 

If you live in the Bournemouth or New Forest areas I would be more than happy to meet with you and your dog to discuss your needs. I believe in helping you, the owner, to gain the confidence to work with your dog to achieve the behaviours you are aiming for.